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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Gifting can be a challenge at any time, but selecting a gift for top-tier employees, potential clients/donors, or board members can be even more stressful. It is important to select a gift that will achieve your objective, whether to build a relationship, set yourself/your company apart from the others, or say thank you for the year. Below, we offer some thoughts to help make sure your executive gift leaves the perfect impression.

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Gifting is typically thought of during the holiday season, but sending a gift at another time of the year or during a milestone may lead to a bigger impact. Consider sending a gift during a sentimental time, such as a work anniversary, birthday, or for accomplishment. Receiving a high-end gift, such as a watch, is a reminder that they were personally remembered during a special time. You can also stand out by offering a unique gift, such as adding a QR code that can be scanned to link to a video message or presentation. A fun idea is to send a speaker or headphones with a QR code linking to a custom Spotify playlist, such as a beach jams playlist in the summer or holiday music.

custom cookie canister and full color custom packaging - promotional products

Also, consider your packaging. Remember receiving a present in plain wrapping or a gift bag versus one with fun colors or bows? If providing a kit, add colored shreds or tissue paper to secure the items and offer a nicer presentation. Full-color custom boxes can also be used to deliver a message, along with your gift, leaving an impression from start to finish!



Promotional items are sometimes thought of as disposable ways to promote your business, but there are top retail brands that are part of the promotional world. Name brands such as The North Face, Nike, and JBL are widely known and considered high-quality. Recipients are likely to hold on and use these items for longer, ultimately spreading the word of your brand to more people. These are also items that someone may not spend the extra money on for themselves; receiving them as a gift will make them feel valued.


Engrave your logo on this Solo NY backpack | promotional product gift | executive gift ideas


Giving a gift at a company meeting or event, such as a notebook, is not only practical but appreciated. However, consider giving an item that can be used inside and outside the office, such as a backpack or tumbler. With our more casual work climate, briefcases are out and backpacks are in! Backpacks are a practical way to carry laptops and supplies for employees that are working between home and the office but can also be used for traveling. Tumblers have also become a popular item that people will use consistently, especially if they have a favorite high-quality one. Customizing a backpack or a tumbler is a great way to offer a useful gift that can be used both at home, in the office, and during the commute!



Giving a gift always feels good, but giving 2 gifts, feels even better! Brands such as Miir and Slowtide are not only great gifts to receive, but both are environmentally conscious and also donate to a cause with every purchase. Miir is especially unique in that every product comes with a Give Code, that allows the recipient to track how their gift is making an impact. Past donations include several projects that led to clean water sources, environmental conservation, and building up communities. Choosing a gift with a give-back program can also be a great way to showcase your company's values.

Miir bottle & Miir tumbler make a great executive gift and you can place your logo on those promotional products


Everyone likes to receive a gift, but it makes a bigger impact when it feels personal. Whether purchasing for an individual or a group, consider any information that you may have, such as the median age, the business that they are in, and if you know of any hobbies or interests that they might have. If you are able to obtain sizing, apparel makes a personal gift. If you are not able or do not feel comfortable asking for sizing, a blanket with the person’s name or initials is another great idea. If shopping for a large group, providing apparel for an event can also create a sense of comradery, such as a polo with an embroidered logo for a golf event. Inserting a card or letter with the person’s name is another way to personalize your gift while giving it to a larger group.

If you are considering executive gifts, reach out to your sales representative for ideas, pricing, and production times!


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