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Updated: Feb 27

Top Eco-Friendly Brands

We've chosen these five eco-friendly brands because they not only utilize sustainable materials but also actively give back to our planet with every purchase. By opting for products from these brands, you're directly contributing to the protection of our environment.


Nimble Promotional Products

Nimble is a unique personal-tech brand that stands out for its commitment to both sustainability and social responsibility. It is the world’s first tech hardware brand with a 100% sustainable business model. The brand creates premium, ethical tech products that are better for the planet by incorporating sustainable materials, using 100% plastic-free packaging, and recycling old tech for free. It is a Certified B Corporation and a registered Public Benefit Corporation. Nimble commits at least 1% of annual gross revenue to environmental nonprofits. It also supports the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – an organization committed to protecting endangered species across Kenya.



Tentree Promotional Products

tentree believes the small choices people make can add up to create a lasting impact on our planet. For every sustainable item sold, tentree plants trees that help regenerate ecosystems and provide jobs in communities around the world. All their products are made in fair, safe working conditions, using only the comfiest, most earth-friendly materials available. From recycled fibers to 100% organic cotton, everything is made with the smallest footprint possible.



Miir Promotional Products

With design, generosity, and sustainability at their core, MiiR is committed to giving more and taking less. Each year, they invest a portion of top-line revenue into nonprofit organizations whose work empowers communities while benefiting the health of their natural environments. Through strategic trust-based grants, event sponsorships, and in-kind donations, MiiR supports organizations that work at the intersection of people and planet.

Every MiiR product comes with a Give Code that allows you to experience the story behind your purchase!



K'arst Promotional Products

Karst stone paper challenges traditional pulp paper by using no trees, water, acid, or bleaches in production. The result? The whitest and smoothest paper on the market, all while being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Karst's commitment to sustainability and education is manifested in its pledge to plant a tree with One Tree Planted for every website order and in its partnership with the World Literacy Foundation — a global nonprofit working towards providing literacy skills and books to children around the world.



Out of the woods Promotional Products

Out of the Woods® specializes in reusable bags and insulated coolers that are made from Supernatural Paper™ which is FSC®-certified (FSC® C175379) made of tree cellulose, a renewable resource, from responsibly managed forests. These products are washable, durable, and sustainable – designed to reduce the negative impact on the environment by developing lasting products made of better materials. 

Out of the Woods® proudly donates 1% of revenue to organizations that support the planet.


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